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Our team

Our core currently consists of 4 people, in addition to a flexible layer of various experts in the fields that belong to the various services we offer: SEO, SEA, Design, Usability, Loyalty, Payment, Illustration, PIM. We keep the control in these permanent partnerships.

Bob Boekema

Commercial development of several co-owned companies, ranging from marketing, sales processes, key account management, partner management and business model creation.

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Eric van Kessel

25 years experience in accounting, company acquisitions and mergers, investments, communication campaigns cross-channel and greatly involved in the sports world.

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Marieke van Haastrecht

Communication, efficiency and structure are important to me. With my can-do attitude I quickly master new tasks, resulting in trust and independence. I know how to set my priorities and can always justify my approach.

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Rob Linssen

Experienced strategic project manager for successful web projects. Strategic internet consultancy for online lead generation, online sales and conversion optimalisation with proven results.

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We also work on location...

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